Gehm-Mexico Deaf Missions

Mexico Deaf Missions - September 2016

Their Testimonies

Greetings in the Name of Jesus Christ and our Lord.

“How, then, can they call on the one they have not believed in? And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them? And how can anyone preach unless they are sent? As it is written: “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!” (Romans 10:14-15)

We are so blessed by our beloved friends (shown in pictures above) for their faithfulness in serving Jesus Christ, our Savior and our Lord.  They are amazing people who are obedient to God’s call to preach and teach Deaf people and children whom they love and care for.  Their wonderful testimonies were shared as this:

· Asael - At church, the Deaf Christians are taking a basic Bible class, and some are taking a marriage class.  Asael and his friends are working on the Bible translations for the Deaf people.  His mission team has been ministered to the Deaf people in Toluca with Yanet and Mario of Jojutla.  Last May, Asael invited  Pastor Carlos of Ensenada to preach at the convention.  Asael said that he appreciated your prayers.

· Salvador - He witnessed the Deaf people about Jesus Christ using the drawings.  After they became saved, they were baptized in water.  Salvador and his friends with the missionaries from USA ministered to the Deaf people in Puebla.  Salvador said to thank you for financial support and prayers.

· Teresa - She is teaching the Word of God to the Deaf people, their children and their hearing families in Xoxocotla.  She prepares for this class with visual aids and teaching activities to be understood more clearly. SometimesTeresa still visits Deaf people in Cuernavaca to share with them the Word of God.  Teresa said to thank you for your prayer and supports.

· Yanet & Mario - They are teaching the Deaf people at church in Jojulta on Sundays.  They travel to Toluca every once a month to teach the Word of God to the Deaf people at home.  They area asking us to pray for them as the Deaf people in Toluca didn’t want to move to church because they wanted to continue with the Bible study at their home.  Yanet and Mario said that they appreciated your prayer and financial supports.

· Carlos - He has been teaching the Book of Ephesians at church on Sundays, and his goal is to teach the Deaf people about who Jesus Christ actually is and to help them understand about God’s plan for their lives.  Carlos had asked for your prayers.  He says to thank you for your supports.

· Alisha - Now she is on sabbatical seeking the direction of God and rest for a while.  Prior to her sabbatical, she taught in High School English class for the Deaf in Ensenada and taught in Deaf elementary as well.  Please pray for Alisha’s health and spiritual to be strengthened and whole.  Thank you very much.

On July 22, 2016, a fire swept through Rancho Sordo Mudo Deaf School. The fire destroyed a motor home, trailer, a business building and the auto shop building.  Unknown cause..however, we are thankful to God that no one was hurt, and also thanks the Lord for the wonderful groups from USA, Ensenada, and Deaf church in Ensenada who helped clean up and restore the Rancho Sordo Mudo campus.  Please pray for the RSM, the staff and the Deaf children as the school has begun.

We are thankful to God for His faithfulness in the Deaf missions in Mexico. 

We wish to thank you for your faithfulness in financial supports and prayers.  You are our partners by maintaining God’s work in Mexico because of your love for them.  Please do continue to pray for all these pastors, missionaries, leaders and the Deaf Mexicans as well.  God bless you.

Continuing in His Service,

Eugene & Linda